Distract Yourself

Use Your Breath

Photo Credit: artemisphoto / istockphoto.com

Use Your Breath

The way you breathe can have profound effects on how the rest of your body behaves. Deep, slow breaths actually activate a sense of calm and counteract the stress response that’s targeting your digestive tract.

Effective deep breathing involves a few elements:

  • Drawing your breath into your belly (it should swell with every inhalation)
  • Keeping your shoulders and chest relaxed (your upper chest shouldn’t move much when you breathe)
  • Equal length of inhaling and exhaling (breathe in to the count of three, then out to the same count)

Focus on your breath, letting your thoughts drift off, and your muscles will begin to release before you know it. If you can practice your breathing exercises before your IBS acts up, you’ll know precisely how to calm your stomach, and relief will come more quickly.

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